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15 Things They Don’t Teach You In Nursing Schools

An education should involve learning life skills that a person will carry with them after college in order to navigate relationships and careers and be a well-rounded, successful person. Unfortunately there are a lot of things which Education doesn’t give you and Nursing schools are no exception. There are countless things which should have been taught in Nursing School but were not. A sad fact you only discover when you’re on a 12 hour shift and there is nobody to guide you. These 15 things will make you agree that Nursing schools really need to be teaching this stuff to their students.


Nursing school doesn’t teach you how nursing will take over your entire life. Once you are a part of the hospital, the realization will slowly start washing over you and before you know it, it will not just be your job, it will be who you are.  Additionally, report writing is an essential skill all nurses should possess. When you are on the job, answering calls, that you will realize how important this skill really is There is absolutely no time to slack off on the job and writing quick but detailed reports is an art that will just have to be learned on the go.


Time is money. Although millions of people around the world describe this expression as hackneyed and a cliché, it still holds true for a lot of things, nursing being among them. Time management skills are a crucial asset in a nurse’s arsenal. Managing patient charts, IV’s, while also dealing with doctors, seniors and the management is a tough task and will only become easier with experience.


It goes without saying but nurses have abnormally high stress levels, the main reason behind this is because the job is so demanding physically, mentally and emotionally. Although the NCLEX and school exams did give you a little glimpse on how to manage stress, it’s a completely different story on the job. You will have to deal with an onslaught of emotions and stress. Learning to deal with both of these things only comes by learning from your seniors. And those who don’t deal with them……eventually burn out.


Despite what nursing TV serials show you, nursing school also doesn’t give you the slightest idea how to deal with ill-tempered and impatient doctors. You will be on call for most of your initial career and with that comes the platoon of frustrated doctors just waiting for you to make a mistake. Doctors have a very stressful job and don’t care much for people who are slow on the uptake. This is also a skill which only the job teaches you.


In conclusion, nursing school was probably a great experience and there is no denying that you learned a lot of things without which your job would be impossible to do. But these are some things which no nursing school will teach and until they come around, it’s up to you to learn from your seniors and experience in order to acquire these skills and be a great nurse.


We created this slideshow to collect all the things which nursing school didn’t teach you. Did we miss anything ? Share your views with us and let us know what your Nursing school left out.


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