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  • 10 Amazing Pinterest Resources for Nurses

    Written by

      The rage of social media has swept over all industries and fields of work. It has even taken over the personal life of people. Information is shared in seconds, across the globe with others of similar interests. Why should nurses stay behind?   Pinterest is a handy online tool where users can share interesting Read more…

  • Men Who Shaped the Future of Nursing

    Written by

      Men have always dominated the army, government, law, information technology and most other fields of work. In the health sciences arena, though, nursing was sequestered by women. The last few decades witnessed movements all over the world for rights equality; however, many occupations are still dictated by stereotypical prejudices. Only in recent times, men Read more…

  • Drug Abuse – An Occupational Hazard for Nurses

    Written by

      Imagine being in an emergency ward after a serious accident, and your nurse is intoxicated beyond reasoning? Patients often suffer severe pain, injury and even death because of the prevalent drug addiction among nurses around the world.   Many nurses over the years have reported to colleagues or even authorities about their addictions in Read more…

  • Healthy Healthcare Workers- Where you come first!

    Written by

      Most nurses are likely to enjoy their job of caring for others. It’s this interest that draws them into the nursing field generally speaking. Caregiving can be beneficial for both nurses and their patients. Their job requires them to work hard and be emotionally resilient. This is crucial for helping patients, particularly those who Read more…

  • Healing Health with Storytelling

    Written by

      Over the past many centuries, myths and fairytales have guided people to deal with their problems that they come across life.  Stories can be helpful in warning a child of dangers. They allow family members to deal with grief over the loss of a loved one. They also assist the elderly to reconnect with Read more…

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