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Case Management Nurses vs Research Nurses: A Detailed Comparison!

Research Nurses


Previously we discussed the different aspects of various nursing specialties, such as, Gynecology vs Reproductive Nurses, and so on. Now we bring you another comparison between two similar, yet distinct, nursing specialties; i.e. Case management nursing (CMN) and Research nursing. It’s crucial for nurses to understand these differences because they both deal with research and scientific work as opposed to dealing with patients, a feature most nursing fields have. We have some facts here to make the line between these fields more distinct.



Case Management Nurse

Research Nurse


Field Description

Responsible for organizing a patient’s case from admittance to discharge, a CMN understands hospital processes and the importance of making cost-effective decisions. These positions require licensure as a registered nurse (RN). CMNs coordinate all aspects of the care of individual patients. They provide assistance within, between, and outside of facilities. They are experts at obtaining resources.

A research nurse organizes and implements various clinical research projects with care and accuracy. The majority of research nurses have earned a four-year degree in nursing and are licensed as registered nurses. Nurse researchers are scientists who study various aspects of health, illness, and health care.


Case managers coordinate services for medically weak children. They work in the insurance industry and rehabilitation facilities. Case managers need to be able to interpret complex regulations and be skillful with computers. They have to oversee patient care and consider multiple perspectives, with respect to family, community and reimbursement requirements.

Nurse researchers identify research questions, collect and analyze data, and report their discovery. Many of them are teachers, and usually write articles and research reports. Nurse researchers frequently partner with scientists in other fields, such as nutrition and medicine to address difficult questions and problems.


CMNs must be registered nurses. Most have a Bachelor’s or advanced nursing degree however many case managers possess a Diploma or Associate’s degree in nursing. Case management certification is available and desirable, especially by insurance companies and hospitals.

Almost all nurse researchers begin their careers as registered nurses with a four-year degree. Most then complete a master’s degree in nursing, followed by a Ph.D. A doctorate is increasingly required for advanced nursing research.

Key Skills

As they need to deal with a lot of people. Good communication skills are essential to serve as liaisons between surgeons, researchers, other nurses, and patients’ families. Furthermore management skills are also necessary for this Job.

Research nurses, however, do not require excellent communication skills as most of their work is conducted in laboratories. They do require a lot of patience as research work can often be a cumbersome task.

Salary Range

The average salary of a Case Management Nurse is $64,000 per year. This Salary depends on the various qualifications of nurses

The average salary for a Clinical Research Nurse is $64,339 per year. Pay for this job does not change much by experience, with the most experienced earning only a bit more than the least

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