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10 Reasons Why Dating A Nurse Is Like Winning A Lottery

There are many professions which pay really well and make your professional career a huge success but when it comes to nursing along with a nice paycheck there are many other bonuses that are attached to it. A person who will date a nurse will surely be in a lot of benefits. Nursing is a career which requires certain traits that not everyone can easily possess. They own these qualities with the passgae of time that they spend in their profession and learn from the experience.


These qualities include:


    1. Enjoy their time off: As nurses are always on their feet and busy in their work, they are always looking for nice quality time so they will enjoy the time off with you.


    2. Happier at work, happier at home: Nurses choose their profession willingly. In other words, they love their jobs. So when they will leave the work place happy they will be happy at home too.


    3. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff: Nurses are those people who can tackle different problems with their partners because at work they are already dealing with much bigger things.


    4. Good Temperament: Nurses are taught to be patient no matter what because at work they have to deal with different types of behaviors on daily basis. Now good news to the one who will date the nurse.


    5. Naturally Caring: The type of profession nurses are in, they become caring. Their date should be lucky enough to have someone who will take great care of them.


    6. Job Security: You will never hear anywhere that a nurse is being laid-off because they are the core requirement of any hospital. You should be satisfied that your date’s job is secured.


    7. You have a live-in nurse: Apart from being a nurse at the hospital, you are dating someone who will be a nurse at home too. In other words, if you get sick or something you have a free professional in-house nurse to look after you.


    8. Healthy lifestyles: You can enjoy a healthy lifestyle if your date is a nurse by profession. He or she will help you adopt a life which will keep you healthy and better in shape.


    9. Job probability: Once a nurse becomes registered nurse they have an advantage that they can get jobs anywhere they want. Their dates shouldn’t be worried about the job problem now.


    10. Connections: Nursing is a career which requires a lot of interaction and socializing so you should be grateful that your date knows a lot about here and there so that he or she can keep you in the loop.


So if you are single and ready to mingle then make sure you mingle with a nurse so you can get extra benefits out of your date. Happy hunting! :)


10 Reasons Why Dating A Nurse

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