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30 Funniest Online Memes about Nursing – Laughter is the best medicine

Professional Nursing demands a lot of patience, skill, and dedication. Long hours of hard work are a part and parcel of this job. Often these health practitioners have to go through long and intense periods of solemnity which add to the pressure of responsibility.
 At such times, social media comes in handy as you don’t have to wait for a specific day or time for entertainment to relax and enjoy a good sense of humor. It’s all right there in your phone or workplace desktop. You could join several pages related to nursing profession on Facebook. but you also need to lighten up the pressure sometimes.
Well, if you haven’t got time to search humor on social media, here we have done the job for you. Next time you feel sick of your four walls, take a chill-pill and re-read this article. These are some of the funniest nursing memes circulating the internet these days.
12 Hour Shifts
About A Nurse
About A Nursing Student
A Nurse Student
A Nursing Student
Doctor Nurse
ER Nurses
Harder To Catch
Holidays Off
Honey Mommy
Life In Nursing
Medical Help
Nurse Bladder
Nurse Doctor Barking Orders
Nurse Dress Code
Nurse Hard Working
Nurse Husband Dining
Nurse Sharks
Nurse Sleeping Do Not Disturb
Nursing Student Car Pool
Nursing Student Learning
Nursing Student Taping Eyelids
Registered Nurse
Reset Room
Student Loan Payments
Studying For The NCLEX
What Male Nurses Do Poster
Wonderful Caring
Caring is sharing, so be considerate and spread this medicine like a virus.

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