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Challenges Faced By Male Nurses


The times have changed but many prejudices still exist. Even though the equality of men and women in every field and every aspect is being projected but the fact remains the same that a fraction of the total fields and careers are still dominated by stereotypes. Today, one of the most common prejudices in the medical industry is faced by men. Men can be doctors, physicians or surgeons but male nurses are still a stigma for the people. Male nurses face countless problems during the course of their job in the private clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities. Male nurses face the similar problems which women face who dare to enter in the male oriented careers.


Some of the common problems faced by male nurses include:


• Work Place Prejudice

Challenges Faced By Male Nurses

Whenever the image of a nurse is projected, it is a female nurse in while uniform. Nurses are stereotyped to be women only. The profession of nursing like many others I evolving, many men are now entering in this field. The image of only women being the nurses needs to be changed.


• Negative Response From Female Patients

Challenges Faced By Male Nurses

Female patients, specially the aged people find it difficult to trust male nurses. They are uncomfortable with the male nurses treating them and sometimes straightaway refuse even to be touched by male nurses. The problem has become more complex as currently there is a shortage of registered nurses and with the women discovering their talents in many new industries, the gap between the employed and open employment is becoming wider. To fill this gap, men have come forward to become nurses. If female patients continue to insist upon getting assistance and care by female nurses, the shortage will be harmful for the medical industry.


• Obstetrics Department

Challenges Faced By Male Nurses

A few years back, male nurses were not even allowed in the obstetrics department. It is one of the biggest hurdles that male nurses have to face. The female patients, giving child birth do not feel comfortable being touched by the male nurses; especially during delivery. Their presence in the delivery room is abhorred by many women.


• Men Do Not Care

Challenges Faced By Male Nurses

It is a myth as well as an accepted fact that men cannot provide the care and assistance that a woman can. What one man does or doesn’t do cannot be applied to all men. Being a professional male nurse, a man has to provide care and nursing to the patients. It is his job. It is also one of the barriers he has to cross. A male nurse is also frowned upon because it is considered that he cannot provide nursing and care to patients like a woman. Women are projected as gentle, patient and un-complaining, men, however are always viewed as intolerant, rough and impatient.


The world is changing. Every day new discoveries are being made. What was yesterday a dream has become a reality today. The perspective regarding the male nurses should also be changed and many new companies have now taken initiative to project their ad campaigns with male nurses as a part of them. It is necessary that male nurses be accepted as professionals capable to provide care and treatment to patients.


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