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How a Nurse Should Handle Hospital Politics?

Nurse Handle Hospital Politics

Creating a positive work environment is the collective responsibility of each staff member in a hospital. You can’t put the whole responsibility on one individual and then go around messing up with everyone yourself. It doesn’t essentially have to be about workplace politics either. If you just can’t resist the temptation to gossip about your fellow nurses or the new hunk doctor at your hospital, may be, it’s time you learn a good lesson and start using ears more often than your mouth. Like they say, “don’t change…unless you suck!”


So, what steps can you take to avoid giving a negative self impression to your colleagues? What are the things you should always take care of in order to avoid unpleasant situations at work?


There is no dearth of mean people in the world, and nursing occupation is not immune to such personnel either. Many a times, someone might just do you harm unintentionally or because of a misunderstanding, it might also happen because of their lack of work ethics, etc. So you as an educated and well-trained professional should practice to control yourself in any tricky situation. True education gives you the strength to bear any kind of trouble without getting angry. Never let another person control you by controlling your emotions. Just stick to fulfilling your own responsibilities and show the world the character of a true nurse. Hundred per cent certified iron stamina.


Following are ways to avoid some of the most common hospital situations without inciting the ill will of others.


1. Sexual Harassment is Repulsive

Sexual Harassment is Repulsive

The “Naughty nurse” images on social media have severely affected the social image of this truly noble profession. The stereotype is evident from the way many patients, as well as doctors, behave around nurses. The way they are depicted in media is enough to tell us where men get such ideas from. However, there may be situations where the nurse might not be sure if it’s a genuine threat of harassment or not. In that case, it is better to just let the other person know upfront that such behavior is not welcome by you. If the situation persists, you have all the right to inform your manager or the HR department in your hospital.


2. Beware of the Slanderers

Beware of the Slanderers

Like all challenging fields out there, nursing professionals also have to face a lot of pressure which triggers an irritating behavior in them, sometimes. If you have co-workers who love to kill their time by gossiping about other people, it is better you stay far away from them. Avoid their company, and especially, never, at any cost, sit with them to gossip about other people. You may do it just once or twice, but skilled trash talkers would never hesitate to use that to their advantage.


Also, if some co-worker tries to bad-mouth you than don’t just go all ballistic about it in front of everyone. Talk to him, give him a warning, and explain that slandering is also a type of workplace harassment which is punishable by law. Use all the tact to communicate with such people. You don’t want to aggravate the situation even further.


3. Keep Your Eyes Open and Mouth Shut

Keep Your Eyes Open and Mouth Shut

If you are stuck in a situation where two of your fellow nurses are having a disagreement, avoid taking sides. What if that person is about to get promoted and you get on their bad side by taking their opponent’s side? As a nurse, you develop a deep empathy for all mankind. That doesn’t mean you stop living in the practical world and lose track of tactful communication. Stay sharp, stay safe, and you can only do that by keeping your eyes open and mouth shut when stuck in the middle of a hospital argument.


4. Own Up to Your Mistakes

Own Up to Your Mistakes

We learn things through experience, and, experience is the second name of committing mistakes. It doesn’t mean you start making mistakes deliberately. It’s the genuine mistakes in life that help you grow both personally and professionally. Making serious errors of judgment in nursing profession may cost someone his life. Therefore, it is always better to be upfront about it and rectify it by owning up to it immediately. After all, nothing shows a man’s integrity better than how he behaves after he’s been proven wrong about something.


5. Ask For Help!

Ask For Help!

Asking for help is never easy. Especially, when your manager gives a patient you are unable to handle. It might hurt your professional pride, but there is no shame in asking for guidance or help from another colleague than to make mistakes that might sabotage your whole career. If the situation seems out of control, you can also ask a fellow worker to switch patients with you. Don’t shy away from a helping hand and be ready to return the favor whenever you can. Sometimes, all you need is a little support or supervision to get you back on track.


Do you have any other tips to share with your fellow nurses on how to cope with unpleasant situations at work? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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