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Nurse Leadership VS Nurse Management

Difference between Nurse Leadership and Nurse Management:

Medical Team

 Although as a common perception both the terms are synonyms and are used interchangeably but in essence there is a big difference between these two terms. A leader can be an effective manager but a manager can not necessarily be a true leader. The manager is supposed to fulfill the assigned duties, tasks and projects at the same time managing the personnel who come under his reporting line. It entails delegation of his duties to his sub ordinates. A leader has a very different role to perform; it has something to do with the inspiration rather than just following the mere given framework. A leader is born not made, he inspires, empowers, motivate and drive others.
A typical nurse leader is the one who possesses excellent and effective communication and inter personnel skills. He / she is a risk taker and goes extra miles to achieve the desired result, he / she does not compromise on less than the destiny. A leader is energetic and sincere enough in that he devotes his entire life in order to achieve the goals.  A leader is taken as the role model by the followers therefore at times a leader has got excessive responsibility on his shoulders even pertinent to his action in his personal life.

Importance of Nurse Leadership

Doctor Team

A nurse leader is a nurse practitioner who inspires and motivates his team members to achieve the mission and vision of their organization in a most efficient and effective manner. The leadership can be formal, formally delegated by the health care organization or it can be an informal one. An effective nurse leader is the source of streamlining the workforce and the allocated resources. His responsibilities may include the designing and implementation of new policy and procedure, challenging the new institutional and heath policies imposed by the institution or the government authority. Nurse leadership role is a mandatory role in emergency rooms and hospices because of the nature of stress and delicacy involved in handling the patients and their relatives.


Nurse Management

Team of Medical Professionals

Nurse management is pertinent to the nursing field which deals with the management of nurses and patients both. An efficient nursing manager carries out the given responsibilities within the given or prescribed timelines with the help of allotted resources both financial and personnel, meeting the goals and objectives of the organization  He has got control over his work and possesses excellent decision making power. An effective nursing management program is necessary in order to facilitate those institutions such as such as hospitals, clinics and residential facilities which use the services of the nurses.



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