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Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

After reaching an advanced level of medical education and experience in the field of nursing, you can earn the title of APRN. APRN is a stage of nursing in which advanced and comprehensive skills are employed in appraisal, analysis and practical implementation of nursing tasks.

• Required Level of Education for APRN:

In order to reach the APRN level, nurses require at least a post-graduate degree in clinical nursing. This is because, a Master’s degree is designed to educate a nurse to employ various techniques of patient care, which include interactive activities with the patients, nurturing a collaborative environment with associates and exploiting medicinal resources efficiently. An APRN can also earn a terminal degree which is a doctorate in Nursing Practice. This added degree can help boost your credentials as a certified APRN.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for APRN:

APRNs are considered to be the highest paying nursing careers. The field of APRN is segmented into four specialized areas namely Nurse Anesthetists (or CRNAs), Nurse Midwives (or CNMs), Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs). The median annual wages of CRNAs is around $135,000 while CNMs earn a median salary of $84,000/year. The median salary for CNS is between $70,000–80,000 and that of Nurse Practitioners is $95,000.

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