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Case Management Nurse

Case management nurses are responsible for managing every aspect of a patient’s care. By coordinating long-term care for their patients, they ensure that patients receive adequate and effective care and strive to minimize patients’ chances of hospitalization. Their job duties include coordinating with doctors, therapists, specialists, etc for primary care visits and specialized treatments.


These nurses also maintain and assess information about a patient’s illness to determine what treatments, if any, he/she requires. This practitioner may also be required to communicate with insurance companies to keep an eye on the health services their patients are receiving. Besides this, they may also be required to undertake research on the latest treatments and procedures.


 As a case management nurse, one can choose to work with certain age groups of patients, for example pediatrics or geriatrics, or specialize in treating patients with certain conditions, such as cancer or HIV.


• Becoming a case management nurse – education and training

 Before specializing as a CMN, one has to pass stages of a registered nurse (RN) and obtain a registered nursing license. For that, one needs to acquire a two or four year degree from accredited university or college, followed by the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN), which the student must pass to become an RN.


 Once the nurse has a valid RN license, the following have to be undertaken before applying for the case management nursing certification exam:

  • 2 years of work experience as an RN
  • 2000 hours of medical experience in case management nursing
  • 30 hours in case management nursing


Once these requirements are met, the nurse can give case management certification exam, which is administered by American Nurses Credentialing Center.


Besides these certification requirements, a CMN also needs some soft skills, for example, strong communication skills. These are essential because a CMN will be communicating with doctors, patients, patients’ family members and also insurance company representatives. Strong time managing skills and leadership skills are also important for a CMN.


• Job prospects and salary:

As national and global demographics are turning towards an aging population, demand for healthcare and consequently for nurses is also on the rise. Keeping this in mind, job prospects for a CMN appear quite bright.


Being this nurse also allows one a lot of flexibility. For instance, unlike other nursing specialties, these practitioners may work the morning shifts more often. They can also choose their work environment, which can be a hospital, a healthcare organization or even a private corporation. They may also choose to work as independent consultants.


CMNs earn an annual salary of about $55,000 to $75,000, depending on the field of specialty, the employer and experience. This may go up to as high as $90,000 in certain cases for some specialty work.

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