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Diabetes Nurse

The work of diabetes nurse is to provide nursing care to patients suffering from diabetes – the chronic state which affects the body in such a way that ability of producing and absorbing insulin is changed. The job focuses on providing medical management and educating patients on skills and knowledge for living with diabetes. They deal not only with patients, but also their families, educating them about diet, exercise and other lifestyle measures to adopt control symptoms. For this reason, good communication skills are very essential for diabetic nurses for relaying information with physicians and insurance companies too, besides the patients and their families. 


Being specialized practitioners, diabetic specialists have in-depth knowledge about the human physiology related to the endocrine system, as well as hypothalamus, parathyroid, thyroid adrenals, pineal body etc. Often, these nurses go on to become diabetes educators and become advocates for diabetes awareness.

• Becoming a Diabetes Nurse

Because they deal with chronic ailment that requires expertise in providing nursing care to patients to lessen their discomfort and symptoms over a long time period, it is mandatory to require advanced education to become this nurse.


First off, one has to be a registered diabetes nurse by completing an associate or bachelor degree in nursing, followed by passing the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX-RN). Many facilities require them to be advanced diabetes nurse specialists, which require a certification from the American Association of Diabetes Educators and the American Nurses Credentialing Center.


This certification is known as the Advanced Diabetes Management Certification. It has stringent requirements which must be met for a nurse to be eligible to take it. The requirements include acquiring a Master’s of Science in nursing (MSN), and a minimum of 500 hours of practical nursing experience in diabetic medicine. Clearing the certification exam entitles one to become an Advanced Diabetes Nurse Specialist. These nurses ought to continue regular education in diabetes care even after the certification so that they could remain updated about current trends in diabetics.

• Job Prospects and Salary

Increasing awareness about the disease and an aging population of baby boomers means that job prospects for diabetes nurses are quite bright. The disease affects over 8 percent of the US population, which means that the demand for these nurses is high. They are also being trusted with greater autonomy in caring for diabetic patients as far as managing the disease is concerned.


The annual median salary of a diabetes nurse hovers around $55,000. This varies depending upon the facility the nurse works for, years of experience, education, and state.

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