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Forensic Nurse

Forensic nurses are specially trained nurses to collect evidences for supporting the criminal investigations. Forensic nurses prove to be the connection linking the criminal justice system and medical profession. They have expertise and training to gain evidence in the case of sexual assaults, abuse, accidents, physical violence and aberrant deaths and they also have expertise for giving legal testimony. Their duties include measuring wounds, taking samples of blood and tissue and photographs of the body. The major role of the forensic nurses is in the emergency rooms where they are responsible for taking blood and tissue samples in cases of violence and accidents.

• Education Criteria for Forensic Nurses:

To become a forensic nurse it is necessary to pass the national licensing exam, NCLEX-RN and become a licensed registered nurse. For general forensic nursing there isn’t any particular citification available but there are two specialized certifications in the field of forensic nursing; sexual assault nurse examiner – pediatric/minor and sexual assault nurse examiner – adult/adolescent. These exams are based upon multiple choice questions and focus on the evaluation of sexual assault patient, the act of sexual abuse, interaction with a sexual assault patient and helping such patients clinically.

• How Much Usually a Forensic Nurse Earns?

The sexual assault cases, specially the minors and children make the job of forensic nurses tough and challenging. Forensic nurses can get jobs in re-creational centers, psychiatric centers, hospitals, law enforcement agencies and offices and facilities of medical examiners. The median salary in United States of America for a forensic nurse is $62,000 per year. This salary also depends upon the expertise of the nurse, education and trainings received. Though the job is not highly pair, but many people find it worth rewarding to work for and help the legal system.

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