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Gastroenterology Nurse

Gastroenterology Nurses are also known as endoscopy nurses. These nurses are responsible for working with the doctors and physicians for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions involving the digestive system of the human body. In their care, they have patients suffering from ulcer, carcinoma, abdominal pains, bleeding, dysphagia, removal of foreign bodies, cancer and reflux. The job of these nurses is tough and they are required to be patient and gentle with the patients. They should be highly trained and efficient. These nurses can also help.

• Education Criteria for Gastroenterology Nurses:

The first step for becoming a gastroenterology nurse is to become a registered nurse. To become a registered nurse it is the basic requirement to get enrolled in a nursing school for 2 or 4 year program and then passing the national council licensing examination for registered nurses known as NCLEX_RN. A registered nurse becomes eligible for the credentialing exam after gaining experience in the gastroenterology department of a medical care facility. After passing this exam, the registered nurse becomes the
Certified Gastroenterology Specialty Nurse (CGSN). The exam consists of 150 multiple choice questions and nurses are allowed 3 hours to complete this exam.

• How Much Usually a Gastroenterology Nurse Earns?

The job of the Gastroenterology Nurse is not only difficult but it also entails long working hours. Especially in the cases of emergencies, they really have to work hard and provide immediate medical care to the patients. The Gastroenterology Nurses are hired in the private clinics, hospitals, medical care centers and endoscopic centers. There has been a record increase of 48% in the demand of the Gastroenterology Nurses in the last few years. The median salary of Gastroenterology Nurses is about $50,000 per year. The salary is dependable upon the expertise and training received by the nurses and vary from institution to institution.

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