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Geriatric Nurse

Geriatric Nurse specializes in providing care and nursing services to older or aged individuals. With old age many diseases and ailments also take over the body. Proper care and nursing is required in the old age, so, the Geriatric Nurses are in a great demand. Due to multiple medications taken at the ripe age, it is very important to manage the medications and gauge the reactions caused by the medication. Aging itself causes many ailments like cardiovascular diseases, delirium, thyroid, stroke, dizziness, respiratory issues, blood pressure and respiratory issues. To take care of all these issues it is important that a Geriatric Nurse is always present will an old age man or woman.

• Education Criteria for Geriatric Nurses:

The basic step for becoming a geriatric nurse is to get a nursing degree like Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) or associate of science in nursing (ASN) from a nursing school. Some people earn the diploma in nursing instead of the bachelors program. Diploma is usually offered by hospitals. After the completion of the nursing program or diploma the successful nurses have to clear an exam called as NCLEX to practice nursing in their state. After working for 2,000 hours in the geriatric nursing RNs can then give the examination of Gerontological Nursing Certification.

• How Much Usually a Geriatric Nurse Earns?

The future possibilities for geriatric nurses are extremely good. It is a proven fact that older people need more nursing and care than the younger ones; so, there will always be need of geriatric nurses. The geriatric nurses working in the health care facilities like hospitals and private clinics usually earn $58,740 annually. Registered geriatric nurses working in private homes earn about $57,060 annually. The pay also depends upon the expertise and trainings earned by the nurses.

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