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The job of the HIV/AIDS nurses is to provide care and nursing to the patients of aids or HIV. AIDS is an incurable disease. AIDs is frowned upon by the society and people that is why the patients of AIDs or HIV suffer from mental trauma as well as physical decline in the health. Such patients have to be dealt with very carefully and special nurturing is required. The main responsibility of HIV/AIDs nurses is to help the patients in coping with the disease and the emotional trauma attached.


• Education Criteria for HIV/AIDS Nurses:

To become a HIV/AIDs nurse, the first stage is to acquire nursing education from a nursing school; preferably by completing the Bachelors in Science in Nursing degree or Associate of Science in Nursing Degree. Some people also get the diploma of science in nursing. After the successful completion of the nursing program, the next step is to give the exam called NCLEX; National Council Licensure Examination which enables a nurse to practice in any state. Then a nurse can get a specialized certification in the field of HIV/AIDs called Aids certified Registered Nurse (ACRA).


• How Much Usually a HIV/AIDS Nurse Earns?

All over the world nursing career is progressing. With the specialized certifications, nurses can now work in their respective fields and get hands on experience relevant to their certifications. It is expected that the demand for nurses will grow by 22% by the year 2018. An Aids/HIV nurse earns about $ 51,000 annually. The salary earned by HIV/AIDs nurses also depends upon the state they are working in, the medical facility they are appointed at and the experience and expertise of each individual. The salary for advanced practice nurses is also higher than certified nurses.


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