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Holistic Nurse

Holistic nurses are provided training to give complementary and alternative medicine to the patients. The holistic nurses give these alternative medications along with the western medicine as well as sometimes suggest the patients to take the complementary and alternative medication only. Holistic medicine emphasizes on the whole human body for the treatment of illnesses.  Some treatments offered by the holistic medicine include acupuncture, stress management by massage and aromatherapy, hypnosis, and hypnotherapy. The holistic nurses take a different approach for nursing. They treat the patients’ mental health as well as the physical health; because according to holistic medicine, one cannot attain physical health without the power of the mental health.


• Education Criteria for Holistic Nurses:

To become a holistic nurse it is important to complete the four year nursing program from a nursing school. People generally get an Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) which is for 2 years or get a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN). After the successful completion of these programs, the nurses are entitles to sit in an exam called as NCLEX. This exam provides them the nursing license to practice in any state of USA. To incorporate holistic medication and practices, nurses can get specialized nursing certifications Advanced Holistic Nurse- Board Certified (AHN-BC).


• How Much usually a Holistic Nurse Earns?

Nursing career is gaining popularity all over the world. Within a few years the demand for employment for nurses will increase by 22%. The holistic nurses usually earn about $ 45,000 annually. But the salary of holistic nurse varies from one medical care facility to another. It is also dependent upon the area where you are working; whether you are working in a rural area or a metropolitan. The salary for Advanced practice is higher.


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