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Independent Nurse Contractor

These nurses perform same duties like other nurses but they are contractual employees and not hired directly by the hospitals or clinics. These nurses can work anywhere they like to because they are not bounded by any contract. They have their choice to work at any place they prefer to. These nurses take history of the patients; they provide detail assistance to the patients along with medications. They also provide details to the doctors. In short these nurses provide medical help to all the patients the way other nurses do. These nurses can work in hospitals, clinics and other health related organizations as well.


• Education criteria for independent nurse contractors:

For becoming the independent nurse contractor, it is significant to acquire a Bachelors degree or an Associate of Science in Nursing from reputable nursing school. After successful completion of 2 or 4 year nursing program, the next step is to sit in the examination called as the NCLEX. Passing this exam gives the license to the nurses to practice in any state of USA. They are also called RNs. Before becoming an independent nurse contractor, it is mandatory to acquire experience as a staff nurse in a medical care facility like a physician’s clinic or hospital.


• How much usually an independent nurse contractor earns?

The job market for the registered nurses is thriving. The demand for nurses is growing at an amazing rate. By 2018, the demand for the employment of registers nurses will increase by 22%. This figure sows the tremendous demand of the registered nurses in the medical care facilities. The median salary of independent nurse contractors is $72,000 per annum. The certifications and additional skills acquired, the years of experience and region and state where a contractor nurse is working affects the salary earned.

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