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Labor and Delivery Nurses

The Labor and Delivery nurses are given special training in providing proper nursing care to the ladies who are in labor and about to give birth.  The main duties of the labor and delivery nurses comprise of monitoring the heart rate of fetal, blood pressure of the patient, contractions frequency and simultaneously examining the expected mother to determine her delivery date. The primary responsibility of the nurses is to identify presence of any complications in the case. The nurses not only take care of the mother but also the baby before, during and after the labor process and also assist the physicians and nurses in managing the patient’s medications and perform episiotomies and C-section deliveries.


• Education Criteria for Labor and Delivery Nurses:

The foremost requirement for becoming a labor and delivery nurse is to complete the nursing program from any of the well-reputed and accredited institution. During the program, the candidates need to take elective courses such as labor and delivery so that they can get specialization required for practicing as a labor and delivery nurse. In addition to completing the nursing education program, it is mandatory to pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) exam so that the nurse gets the license to practice as a nurse in the state.


• How Much Usually a Labor and Delivery Nurse Earns?

The future outlook for the labor and delivery nurses is excellent and there are many healthcare facilities that are looking for such specialized nurses. The labor and delivery nurses can easily get the jobs in hospital s, private clinics and maternity homes. Since the job of these nurses is tough and challenging, the annual salary range of them is on higher end and the career progression within the field is easy as well.


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