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Lactation Consultants

In order to help the new mothers get educated about taking care of their newborns and properly nourish them, Lactation consultants are trained to assist these new mothers. The main job of these consultants is to help the mothers in understanding the importance of breastfeeding their babies and provide them advices on proper positioning and usage of breast pump. The common problems dealt with lactation consultants are pain during nursing, insufficient milk production and troubles with latching; the expert will recommend those products or special clothing for these nursing mothers.


• Education Criteria for Lactation Consultants:

After completing the nursing education program from an accredited college or institution, it is important to pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) exam to get the license for practice in the state. During the nursing education program, the electives related to the lactation consultant field should be studied so that the nurse gets the job on the similar position.  The NCLEX exam comprises of MCQs that are related to the lactation consultant field. Although the exam is a bit difficult but getting the degree from an accredited college can help in passing the exam easily.


• How Much Usually a Lactation Consultant Earns?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of registered Lactation consultants will increase in the coming years and there will be immense job opportunities for them. The lactation consultants can easily get jobs in the private clinics, doctor’s offices and hospitals. Most good consultants are self-employed and they even provide support to those women who are suffering from issues such as post-partum depression and even bonding issues with their newborn baby. The salary packages offered to the professionals is quite appealing and it has been reported that the annual salary range of lactation consultants is in between $40,004 and $65,609 according to


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