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Licensed Practical Nurses

LPN is the abbreviation for Licensed Practical Nurse who is also referred to as Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) in California and Texas. The nurses are specialist in their field and the main duties of a Licensed Practical Nurse comprises of assisting the health care professionals or Registered Nurse in performing the simple and complex medical tasks and procedures. LPNs also have to deal with the administration of medications and patients, maintain appropriate records of the patients, record the vital signs, take basic care of the patients, educate the patients and their families about the conditions and treatments being followed and ensure that sterile conditions are properly maintained.


• Education Criteria for Licensed Practical Nurses:

The candidates who want to become LPN have to get enrolled in an accredited institution that offers LPN program. The duration of the program varies among the institutions, specialty level and state requirements but most of them require one year of completion of the program. The content of the program is designed in a way that it educates the candidates with the nursing ethics, psychology of patients, nursing theory, pharmacology and administration of the medication.  After completion of the program, the nurses have to pass the NCLEX-PN exam so that they can get the license of practicing as Licensed Practical Nurse in their state.


• How Much Usually a Licensed Practical Nurse Earns?

The Licensed Practical Nurse profession is rewarding and the nurses play an important role in treating the patients in every possible way. Women prefer to make their career as Licensed Practical Nurse in comparison to male and the demand of these nurses will rise in the coming years. Currently, more than 70,000 Licensed Practical Nurses are rendering their services. The nurse can make a median living of $31,000-$45,000 per year or on hourly basis $15-20 as it is dependent on the state of practice and health care facility.


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