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Long-Term Care Nurse

Long-term care nurses are the experts in providing nursing care to the patients of every age who are either suffering from a chronic illness or disability or require long-term medical care. Most of the patients are old age people but there are some younger people who have either developed any developmental disability or any other disability who need proper care; the long-term care nurses ensure that the patient is given proper medication, medication schedule is being followed and the patients’ families are provided information about the consequence of the long-term medications as well.


• Education Criteria for Long-Term Care Nurses:

The long-term nurse education requirements are not too complicated; the candidates have to obtain the nursing degree from an accredited institution. The duration of the program is usually two to four years and the content is related to the nursing field so that the candidates are well-informed about the dynamics of the nursing profession. When the program is completed, the nurses have to get the certification to practice as a registered nurse in their respective state. To get the certificate, the candidates need to pass the NCLEX-PN exam which is MCQs based exam for testing the qualification level of the nurses.


• How Much Usually a Long-Term Care Nurse Earns?

Long-term care nurses’ demand will increase in the upcoming years as majority of U.S. population is getting old. The elder people are looking for medical assistance and they either move to the assisted health care living of hire a long-term care nurse who can take care of their health and ensure that they remain fit and healthy. The annual salary of the long-term care nurses is high as their job is tough and challenging and it usually ranges in between $50,000-60,000 per year; it can vary depending on the geographic location, years of experience and health care facility that has employed the nurses.

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