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Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse

Nurses who provide medical help and health care to newborn babies, who are in critical conditions, are known as neonatal intensive care nurses. These nurses take care of the illnesses and diseases which these newborn babies go through. The caretaking of infants is the most difficult thing as they cannot express their feelings and they are too delicate to handle. Such babies are kept under observation in neonatal intensive care unit which is also known as (NICU). Neonatal intensive care nurses monitor the babies and they also vaccinate the babies. Another important duty which they perform is to educate mothers about the proper care taking, nourishment and growth of the child.

• Education Criteria for Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse:

There have been many candidates in the last few years, who have pursued the career of neonatal intensive care nurses. The proper way to become a neonatal intensive care nurse is to first complete the Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After that nurses then appear for the exam known as National Council Licensure exam for registered nurses. This license offers them the opportunity and qualification to practice in any hospital or clinic. Most of the nurses then spend some time in gaining hands on experience in the respective field and simultaneously complete different certifications from American Association of Critical Care Nursing (AACCN).

• How Much Usually Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Earns?

The requirement of neonatal intensive care nurses is increasing very fast. There are many candidates who want to enter in the field of neonatal intensive care nursing. According to some reliable resources the median salary which a neonatal intensive care nurse earns usually ranges from 50,000 to 55,000/- dollars per year. The competition is high in this particular field because most of the individuals want to get associated with the jobs related to this branch.

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