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Nurse Attorney

Nurses who are qualified with the education of nursing as well as law practices are known as nurse attorneys. These nurses play a very essential role in both medical and law fields. They can practice in both the fields. Those nurse attorneys who prefer to stick to the courtrooms and practice law mostly handle and deal with doctors and nurses who are charged for malpractices and negligence related to medical fields. On the contrary, those nurse attorneys who prefer to stick to the medical field mostly work for the betterment of policy, policy making and assisting lawmakers for their medical organization.

• Education Criteria for Nurse Attorney:

If you love studies and like to explore different things then the field of nurse attorney will be suitable for you. In this field a candidate spends many years in studying both nursing as well as law practices. Initially students have to earn a bachelor’s degree that is “BSN” and then appear for the national licensure exam known as NCL exam for registered nurses. This way a nurse can become licensed and able to work in any reputed hospital and clinic. After gaining experience in the nursing field for about a few years it is then suggested to get an admission in a law school and pass LSAT i.e. Law School Admission Test. After earning a degree in law, it is beneficial to practice law for some years and then apply as nurse attorney in any of the preferred organization.

• How Much Usually Nurse Attorney Earns?

The canvass of law and nursing is huge. There are many individuals who find it difficult to manage both the things but when they think about the perks and benefits of becoming a nurse attorney they can not say “No” to hard work and hardships. According to a study the median salary that a nurse attorney earns per year is approximately somewhere near $110,000/-. This means that the lifestyle of the particular individual must be amazingly inspiring. This is the reason why most of the students prefer to become nurse attorneys. Salaries may vary on different multiple basis.

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