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Nurse Educator

Nurses who train and educate other nurses and students are known as nurse educators. Their role is to provide students with great knowledge of the practical field and detailed information regarding the nature of job that they will get associated with, in future. They are entitled to teach and educate the students in classrooms as well as in practical settings. They act as mentors and provide their students with the understanding related to their inclinations and aptitudes. They help young student to decide which field will be better for them to select and which courses will be helpful for them in long run.

• Education Criteria for Nurse Educator:

If you want to get associated with a field where you educate others and help students out in their educational period then you will love the position of a nurse educator. For becoming a nurse educator you will have to pass your bachelors of science in nursing (BSN) and then get your license by passing National Council License exam for registered nurses. After gaining this license you can easily practice as nurse in any hospital and clinic. Further it will be beneficial if you gain some experience in the field and then apply for the CNEE i.e. Certified Nurse Educator Exam. After this a nurse can practice as nurse educator.

• How Much Usually Nurse Educator Earns?

There are numerous individuals who want to work as nurse educators these days. The job of a nurse educator is focused, detailed and bears a lot of responsibilities. According to a survey the median salary that a nurse educator earns ranges from $54,000 to $77,000/- per year. Salary may vary from individual to individual on the basis of experiences, level of education, geographical location, rules of the hospitals and clinics etc. The job also offers great perks and advantages for the employees.

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