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Nurse Executive

The nurses who plan, assist and implement patient care delivery are known as nurse executives. Their key role revolves around planning, coordinating, managing and forecasting managerial and administrative problems. They have to be good at communications and financial know how to make their organization run better. They also need to work and study alongside so that they may learn new theories and practices that can help them in bringing a positive change in their work environment. These nurses usually don’t interact much with the patients because they work primarily with the staff of the hospital which can be doctors, nurses and other professionals.

• Education Criteria for Nurse Executive:

If you think you have good managerial and leadership skills and you can lead and manage the place or people wherever you go then this is the perfect field for you. Furthermore to actually become a nurse executive you should earn a bachelor’s degree which can let you appear for the NCL (National Council Licensure) exam for registered nurses. After passing this license a nurse can practice as registered nurse and simultaneously earn either a master’s in business administration or hospital management. This way a nurse can become nurse executive.

• How Much Usually Nurse Executive Earns?

The job of a nurse executive is really tough but worth embracing all the hardships as it pays exceptionally well. According to a survey the median salary of head of nursing may range from $150,000/- to $180,000/- per year. The job offers great benefits and good working conditions. There are many opportunities for nurse executives to join any hospital or clinic and with a few years’ time they can easily reach to the head position and enjoy multiple perks as well.

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