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Nurse Manager

Those nurses who supervise other nurses and train them, evaluate their performances along with dealing in hiring and firing are known as Nurse Managers. These nurses are very professional and they are responsible for multiple tasks ranging from maintaining discipline in the hospital to maintaining and supervising the paperwork related to the nurses. Moreover, they are also responsible for the conduct of the other nurses because they head them, manage them and give them briefs related to do’s and don’ts. Their role can further increase to supervision of staff, managing financial records, stabilizing of communication system and managerial activities etc. These nurses also help doctors in many ways.

• Education Criteria for Nurse Manager:

If you are good in managing different individuals and managing your work then you will have no problem in becoming a Nurse Manager. The basic and most important quality of a Nurse Manager is to manage things and individuals in different situations and circumstances. A nurse has to complete a Bachelor’s degree of science in nursing and then pass the NCL exam to become a registered nurse. After that if you are interested in getting the higher position you can go for the masters or you can select further studies related to hospital management. His will help you to grow more and better professionally.

• How Much Usually Nurse Manager Earns?

There are many benefits of becoming a Nurse Manager. A Nurse Manager enjoys different perks and lucrative salary packages. Every hospital needs the services of a Nurse Manager. The median salary that a Nurse Manager earns may range from $60,000 to $85,000/- per year. The salary of a nurse may vary on different factors that may include education, experience, achievements, size of hospital and geographical location etc.

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