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Nursing Informatics

Those nurses who share the knowledge, reports and statuses etc between a doctor to patients or other staff members are known as nursing informatics. These nurses are good in nursing, information technology and computers. With the help of these skills and traits they share information with the patients. The streamline the processes and make the things possible from one corner of the hospital to the other corner, electronically. These nurses play very essential role in the development of the information system department.

• Education Criteria for Nursing Informatics:

To become an informatics nurse an individual have to first earn a bachelors degree in nursing (BSN). After completing the BSN successfully a nurse should then apply for the NCL exam for registered nurses. After getting this license a nurse can practice anywhere as she/he becomes a certified and registered nurse. It is recommended to spend one to two years in the field and practice in the field of clinical side and then get a certification from ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing center). This way an individual can become a nurse informatics.

• How Much Usually Nursing Informatics Earn?

In every hospital these days, nursing informatics plays an essential role. This is an era of information technology and fast communication. Without the help of nurse informatics it will really get difficult for patients, attendants and doctors to receive and transfer information. The median salary of a nurse informatics varies from 58,000 to 62,000/- per annum. The salary is dependent upon different factors which may include geographical location, experience, education and other traits etc. So, if you are planning to become a nurse informatics then you must enroll into this program and get yourself a better lifestyle which offers respect and remuneration.

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