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Occupational Health Nurse

There are many nurses who work in different organizations to take care of the individuals (professionals) medically. These nurses are known as occupational health nurses and they provide health care aids to employers as well as their employees. There are times when an employee faces medical problem and at that moment he or she requires medical aid instantly. In that situation an occupational health nurse works aggressively to bring the employee to consciousness. These nurses maintain documents and files of medical histories of all the employees and employers. In case of any problem she helps them to recovery calmly and properly.

• Education Criteria for an Occupational Health Nurse:

If you have decided to become an occupational health nurse then you should chose a career path. This career path usually starts from getting a bachelors degree and then passing NCL exam. After passing the National Council Licensure exam a nurse becomes registered and she can practice easily. It is advisable to start practicing after getting the license and simultaneously enroll in a master’s program to gain more qualification. This way a nurse can get a better job with much better remuneration packages.

• How Much Usually An Occupational Health Nurse Earns?

There are so many occupational health nurses who are working with different companies and businesses and they earn differently. The median salary of an occupational health nurse varies from $65,000 – $75,000/- per year. Definitely the amount of salary is based upon the nature of the business, experience of the nurse and her qualification etc. It is recommended to get associated with this field as this field pays really well both in terms of regards and remuneration.

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