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Oncology Nurse

There are some nurses who provide medical helps to the patients suffering from cancer. These nurses are known as oncology nurses. The main duties of these nurses revolve around supervising the intake of medicines, going through the charts related to health conditions, helping doctors throughout medical examination, communicating with the patients and attendants, changing bed pans and scheduling appointments etc. These duties are supposed to be carried out flawlessly and without any loophole. These nurses play a bridge between the doctors and the patients at many places as well. They provide complete cancer treatment to their patients under the supervision and guidance of the doctors.

• Education Criteria for an Oncology Nurse:

If you want to become an oncology nurse then you should first complete your bachelors program, which is four years long. Then after completing your BSN you should appear for the NCL exam for the registered nurses. After that it is recommended to practice as a registered nurse, gain some experience and then get some courses done to enhance your qualification. Though, many professional oncology nurses are of the view that a nurse must complete master’s degree, so as to improve the chances of getting employed at better place with better salaries and perks.

• How Much Usually An Oncology Nurse Earns?

As this field is very demanding therefore the perks, benefits and salaries of the oncology nurses are really lucrative. According to a survey the median salary of an oncology nurse may range from $52,000/- – $75,000/-. On the basis of experience, educational level and achievements salaries of oncology nurses may vary. It is a respectable and reputed profession without a doubt.

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