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Operating Room Nurse

Operating room nurse is also known as perioperative nurse. These nurses provide medical assistance and aid to patients before, after and during the operations or surgeries. These nurses are responsible for the better treatments, care and recovery of the patients. These nurses not only provide knowledge to the patients about the surgeries but these nurses also give detailed instructions to the family of the patients regarding what is allowed for the patient and what is not allowed. As these nurses are present in the operating room hence they also work with the surgeons and other technical staff, so their understanding level and communication skills must be high.

• Education Criteria for an Operating Room Nurse:

Just like other nurses, the prerequisite of becoming an operating room nurse is to first complete the BSN and then pass the NCL Exam for registered nurses. After gaining the license it is highly recommended to first gain experience and then select courses either online or of such kind with which you can continue your practice. A nurse should know how to handle a patient before, during and after any operation or surgery. This way an individual can easily become an operating room nurse.

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