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Ophthalmic Nurse

Ophthalmology is a medical field that deals with the health care of eyes. Nurse who works with ophthalmologist, or in common words with an eye specialist, is known as an ophthalmic nurse. These days, due to the lifestyle of most individuals, i.e. based on using computers, laptops, cell phones, watching TVs and movies and getting connected with social media websites, the visionary problems are largely seen by the ophthalmologists. There is a severe need of ophthalmic nurses in today’s time because of different reasons. These nurses provide medical assistance to the patients along with the proper and detailed education regarding the surgeries and operations which they go through. They also provide help to the eye specialist during the surgery.

• Education Criteria for an Ophthalmic Nurse:

If you are interested in becoming an ophthalmic nurse then you should from day one keep you concentration on the subject of ocular anatomy and other important courses that are necessary for the ophthalmology. It is advised to first complete bachelors of Science in nursing (preferably). After that it is essential to pass the National Council Licensure Exam for registered nurses, so as to get the label of a registered nurse and practice easily. Usually after passing this exam nurses start their practice and simultaneously select different online courses related to ophthalmology. This helps them to get both working experience as well as upgraded qualification. It is better to get certification courses done from National Certified Board for Ophthalmic Registered Nurses.

• How Much Usually An Ophthalmic Nurse Earns?

As mentioned already that these days the visionary conditions of individuals are getting affected adversely, in that situation it is very important to have ophthalmic nurses. According to a survey the median salary of an ophthalmic nurse is $60,000 – $65,000/- per year. The salaries differ on different factors which can include experience, qualification, educational background and geographical location etc.

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