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Orthopedic Nurses

Nurses who provide medical assistance and help to patients suffering from muscular pain or injuries are known as Orthopedic Nurses. These nurses provide appropriate treatments to the patients suffering from different problems related to genetic malformation, ruptures, joint replacements, broken bones or diabetes etc. The Orthopedic Nurses also assist and guide surgeons and orthopedic physicians in their routine activities. The duties of an Orthopedic Nurse include so many things to mention. There are different patients with different needs and requirements. The jobs pay include variety of tasks from supervision of medicines to changing the bed pans and from inserting IVS to the patients to communicating and assisting patients and their attendants about their exact conditions.

• Education Criteria for an Orthopedic Nurse:

There are numerous individuals who want to become orthopedic nurses these days. For becoming an orthopedic nurse a candidate should first acquire the BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) and then pass the National Council Licensure Exam for registered nurses NCL EX RN. This will help a nurse to practice as a licensed nurse. It is recommended to start working in different fields like oncology, medical surgery or emergency rooms etc. Alongside a nurse can enroll in master’s program and increase the chances of availing better opportunities. A nurse must choose courses that offer knowledge about orthopedics.  

• How Much Usually An Orthopedic Nurse Earns?

The requirement of orthopedic nurses is rising with the passage of time. There are many hospitals and clinics which require and need the services of the orthopedic nurses. The salaries of these nurses range from $65,000/- to $93,000/-. The huge difference in the salaries is because of multiple reasons. The salary can be dependent upon the size of the hospital or clinic, experiences and knowledge of the nurse, achievements and educational background, geographic location and need of the hospital etc.

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