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Pain Management Nurse

Individuals suffer from multiple kinds of diseases and illnesses. These illnesses may include pains from different sources like muscular, neurological or even visceral etc. A pain management nurse provides medical aide and assistance to all those patients who suffer from such pains. Moreover these nurses also provide education about the illnesses to the patients and their attendants, they also work side by side with the medical health care providers and they closely supervise the medication and their side effects on the patients. These nurses judge patients through their physique and their reports as well. These nurses are educated with pharmacology.

• Education Criteria for a Pain Management Nurse:

The field of pain management is very lucrative. There are many individuals who want to get associated with this particular field. If you are also planning to become a pain management nurse then first of all you will have to get your BSN i.e. Bachelors of Science in Nursing. After that one must pass NCL-EX which lets nurses to practice under a license. Most of the nurses start to practice after this. Later to earn on field experience most of the nurses practice for a year of two and then opt for Masters Program and they select courses related to pain management. Later they also get certification from American Nursing Credentialing Center. After earning this certification these nurses are free to practice anywhere.

• How Much Usually A Pain Management Nurse Earns?

It is an understood and proven fact that pain management nurses are needed in every hospital and clinic. There is not second opinion on that they have high demand in United States as well as other parts of the world. The median salary of a pain management nurse ranges from $45,000/- to $68,000/- per year. The salary is dependent on many factors like, experience, educational level, achievements, geographical location, hospital and clinic etc. These nurses can work in hospitals, clinics, rehabs, medical facilitation houses, nursing homes and outpatient clinics etc. The scope is wide and huge.

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