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Parish Nurses

There are communities and religious based hospitals that require nurses of particular religion to take care and provide medical aide to patients suffering from same religion. The nurses who provide religious based medical aid to the patients are known as parish nurses. These nurses provide counseling to the patients, from infants to adolescent and adulthood. The main focus of their nursing is based upon faith. They heal patients on the foundations of faith and religion. They act as strong mediators between patients and their strength of faith.

• Education Criteria for a Parish Nurse:

Just like other nurses a Parish nurse also need to get a bachelor’s degree in Nursing and then a nurse should pass the NCL RN-EX i.e. Nursing Council Licensure for Registered Nurses Exam. After completing the exam these nurses can practice nursing and learn to fuse medicine and religion to heal the patients and let them emphasize more on their religions.

• How Much Usually A Parish Nurse Earns?

As the particular nursing field is very limited to get access in this is the reason why it, at times, seems a bit challenging to get a proper job as Parish nurse. It definitely does not mean that there is no opportunity for parish nurses. The parish nurses earn from 500 – 1000 dollars a month! They can work with faith centers, hospitals and clinics which are based on religious treatments.

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