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Pediatric Nurses

There are many nurses who work with the health care professionals. The nurses who specifically treat patients suffering from different illnesses related to pediatrics, from their infancy to their adolescence, are known as pediatric nurses. They have multiple sets of duties. They perform many tasks including, management of immunizations, conducting advanced screenings etc. These nurses mostly come across with children suffering from illnesses and injuries so this means that they are also treating and comforting parents as well. They mostly work in Children’s Hospitals and clinics. These nurses are very well paid because of their skills and personality traits. They only work with the patients under the age of 18.

• Education Criteria for a Pediatric Nurse:

After deciding that person wants to become a pediatric nurse the next step is to get a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN). It is mandatory to successfully complete the degree and then go for the NCL exam for registered nurses. This license helps nurses to practice easily. They can practice in home based clinics and clinics which provide medical treatment to patients aged 18 and less. Simultaneously these nurses complete their master’s program and get the certification from Pediatric Nursing Board.

• How Much Usually A Pediatric Nurse Earns?

The field of nursing is reputable and very well paying. There are many individuals who want to become pediatric nurses because of the salaries and perks they are entitled of. According to a survey these nurses earn a median salary ranging from $40,000/- to $65,000/- along with the perks and facilities provided to them by the hospitals and clinics. The salaries may vary on the basis of geographic location, status of the hospital, experience and education of the nurse along with the achievements. It is right time to get yourself registered in the particular field and save your future.

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