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Perianesthesial Nurses

It is commonly seen that during surgeries people only give credit to the surgeons, no doubt they are responsible for successful surgery but there is another person who plays an essential role and that is perianesthesial nurse. These nurses provide complete medical aide and guidance to the patients undergoing surgeries. They work with them before and after the surgery. They take care of patients by making sure that they wake up calm and relax. There are cases when patients wake up with pain, excitement, vomiting or confusion etc; in that situation it is a perianesthesial nurse’s duty to make the patient relaxed. These nurses also educate patients about preoperative and postoperative symptoms. If you are planning to be a perianesthesial nurse then you got to have outstanding communication skills, as in most of the cases you will be sole responsible for communicating on behalf of the patients. You must be aware of what your patients want and what they need.

• Education Criteria for a Perianesthesial Nurse:

The position of perianesthesial nurse requires advance education and qualification. If you are planning to be a perianesthesial nurse then you must first complete your Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) and the pass the Nursing Council Licensure Exam for registered nursing. After working for about two thousand hours in the respective field, you will be awarded with the perianesthesia nursing certification. Furthermore a perianesthesial nurse then requires to pass either CPAN (Certified Post Anesthesial Nurse) or CAPA (Certified Ambulatory Perianesthesial Nurse) exam. After that you will be able to perform as a perianesthesial nurse in hospitals, clinics and other medical houses.

• How Much Usually A Perianesthesial Nurse Earns?

Usually these nurses are paid really well. According to a survey the median hourly salary or rate of a perianesthesial nurse ranges from 32 – 38 dollar per hour. This rate may vary on the basis of geographic location, size of the hospital or clinic, education, qualification and experience of the nurse. These nurses can work in hospitals, clinics, medical facilitation centers and other medical houses as well. So if you are interested in becoming a perianesthesial nurse then enroll yourself in a nice program and change your future for good.

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