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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners perform approximately same duties and procedures which are performed by the psychiatrists. These nurses are easy to utilize and are much economical to hire as compared to a psychiatrist. These nurses take care of the patients suffering from psychological problems. These problems may include severe depression, suicidal activities and outburst of frustration. These nurses provide therapies to the patients suffering from psychological illnesses, for instance, they talk with the patients and calm them down. These nurse practitioners help in assessing and spotting the root cause of depression and frustration faced by the patients. These nurses can also prescribe medicine when needed.

• Education Criteria for a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner:

If you are interested in becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner then you should first complete your bachelors of science in nursing (BSN). After successfully completing the BSN a nurse is then required to pass the Exam for Registered nurses i.e. NCL. After acquiring this license a nurse should then enroll into master’s program and select the courses related to psychiatry and gain experience in the field side by side. This is the complete path with which a nurse can easily become a certified, licensed and practicing Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

• How Much Usually A Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Earns?

With the passage of time it has been noticed and observed that the demand of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners is increasing at a faster pace. In future the expectancy of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners is to raise 18 – 22%. These nurses can approximately earn a median salary of $88,000/- to $92,000/- per year. These nurses can work in hospitals, clinics, rehabs and psychiatric centers.

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