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Psychiatric Nurses

The nurses who work closely with patients suffering from mental illnesses or disabilities also referred as psychiatric disorders are known as psychiatric nurses. These nurses spend time with the patients, individually as well as in a group, and provide them with mental health support and care. Patients who are diagnosed with psychosis, severe depression or schizophrenia etc are mostly taken care by these nurses. A registered nurse can also provide medical aide to these patients but there are many nurses who prefer to pursue higher qualification in the relevant field for future growth and better opportunities. The job of a psychiatric nurse requires a lot of patience and this is the reason why they should have to be calm and sympathetic. They deal with different kinds of patients and keep track of their behavioral changes and reports etc to monitor the recovery of the patient closely.

• Education Criteria for a Psychiatric Nurse:

Prior to become a psychiatric nurse it is mandatory to first complete an associate or bachelors degree in nursing (Bachelors is recommended). After that a nurse must pass NCL EX RN which is a license to practice as registered nurse. Most nurses start their practices in the field of psychiatric nursing after completing their registered nursing certification but there are also some nurses who go for the masters and even doctoral programs to increase their opportunities and to earn more. This field is vast and requires utmost focus and concentration. There are other branches to this field like substance abuse and adolescent mental health care.

• How Much Usually A Psychiatric Nurse Earns?

The field of psychiatric nursing is very demanding undoubtedly. There are many nurses who make a good living out of this profession. The median salary of a psychiatric nurse ranges from $35,000 to $45,000/- per year. But those nurses who advance their qualifications and get more experience can also earn from 70 – 100 K dollars per year. Factors which affect the changes in salary mostly include; experience, education, recommendations, achievements and past record. (Salaries may also vary on the basis of hospitals, clinics and geographical locations etc).

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