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Public Health Nurse

Nursing is a respectable and rewarding profession. Nurses work for the betterment of humanity and provide medical assistance to the patients. Moreover another important aspect of nursing is that nurses provide emotional support and guidance to the patients and their family members. As every nurse deal with public health there are even nurses who specializes in this field and are known as public health care nurses. These nurses mostly work in clinics and hospitals which provide medical treatment to all kinds of patients from children to adult. They educate patients and their family members about what to do and what not. These nurses help in providing assistance to patients related to blood pressure testing, pregnancy testing, screening and other general tests.

• Education Criteria for a Public Health Care Nurse:

The process of becoming a health care nurse is quite simple, first of all a nurse has to decide whether he or she wants to go for the diploma, associate degree or bachelor’s degree program for nursing. Most of the experienced and professional nurses teach that it is better to gain bachelor’s degree i.e. BSN. After that a nurse must pass NCL EX RN exam which gives him/her a license to work in any clinic or hospital. After working for 1 – 2 years in the relevant field a nurse must get the certification from American Public Health Association (APHA). This way a nurse can further select the field of public health care.

• How Much Usually A Public Health Care Nurse Earns?

The public health care is a generic field, therefore there are many hospitals and clinics that require the services of public health care nurses. In United States of America the median salary of a public health care nurse, according to a survey, is $55,000/- per year. The demand is excelling so it is expected that in future there will be a huge need of public health care nurses in hospitals and clinics etc.

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