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Pulmonary Care Nurse

There are many patients who suffer from respiratory and pulmonary dysfunctions. These dysfunctions may include lung cancer and asthma or problems and diseases related to lungs. Those nurses who provide medical aid to patients suffering from pulmonary illnesses are known as pulmonary care nurses. These days pulmonary diseases can be caused by many things for instance, heavy doses and intake of smoking or working in an environment that is dirty or unhealthy. These nurses can work in hospitals and clinics that provide medical treatment to such patients who suffer from these diseases. The demand of these nurses is going high and increasing with the passage of time.

• Required Level of Education for Pulmonary Care Nurse:

Those individuals who are interested in becoming pulmonary care nurses must first complete their 4 years’ degree program as no one can become a pulmonary care nurse without becoming a registered nurse and passing NCL EX RN. Most of the nurses practice with general private physicians or work in hospital and simultaneously get a diploma or certification related to pulmonary care. This way they can bag a nice career in the field of pulmonary care nursing. There are also nurses, who later in their career want to become head in charge in pulmonary care, complete their masters in the field of critical care nursing or pulmonary medicine.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Pulmonary Care Nurse:

In the past few years the demand of pulmonary care nurses has increased drastically. They are required in hospitals, medical care facilitation centers and clinics etc. According to a survey the median salary of a pulmonary care nurse is $40,000 – $48,000/- per year, depending upon multiple factors like, level of experience, educational level, hospital or clinic associated with and geographical locations. The demand will keep on rising if the rate of smoking and pollution will increase.

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