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Radiology Nurse

These days everyone is familiar with the terms like chemotherapy, ultra-sounds and X-rays. Nowadays these tests are commonly asked by the doctors from patients no matter from which diseases of illnesses they suffer from. All the mentioned tests are related to the field of radiology. Those nurses who help individuals (patients) in the process of these mentioned tests are known as radiology nurses. The duties of these nurses include providing complete information regarding the tests and procedures to the patients. Moreover they also provide assistance to the doctors regarding the health conditions of the patients. They can easily get job opportunities in hospitals, clinics, universities and diagnostic centers.

• Education Required for Radiology Nurse:

There are many individuals who are interested in getting themselves associated with the field of radiology nursing. The basic requirement for becoming a radiology nurse is to first get the bachelors degree in the field of Nursing. After becoming registered nurse one can enroll in multiple programs that are available online for the convenience of those nurses who work simultaneously and also pursue their education. After becoming a certified nurse, a nurse can further go for the CRN (Certified Radiology Nurse) Program. This particular certificate helps a nurse to start a career in the field of the radiology nursing and enjoy a better professional life.

• How Much Usually A Radiology Nurse Earns?

There are many hospitals and clinics which require radiology nurses. They are hired on routine basis because of the increased number of patients. The salaries and perks provided to radiology nurses are good. The range of their salary is varied from different sources different salaries have been observed. A radiology nurse can earn from $45,000 to $70,000/- per year. As the range is quite huge therefore the salary is dependent on multiple factors like experience of the nurse, his or her educational background and professional conduct along with the hospital or clinic with which she or he is associated.

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