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Registered Nurses

It is an undoubted fact that nursing is amongst the oldest professions and enjoys the position of respect and good remuneration packages. The term “registered nurse” is a generic term. Every nurse that passes the exam to become a nurse is known as a registered nurse. Furthermore there are bifurcations of this profession. A nurse can be radiology nurse, pulmonary care nurse, substance abuse nurse or clinical nurse etc. But every nurse must be a registered nurse provided he or she is interested in practicing nursing professionally. The main duties of almost all the nurses are same, that include, taking care of patients, providing them with ideas, support, information and educating them and their family members to give better support and care to their patients.

• Education Criteria for a Registered Nurse:

If you are interested in becoming a registered nurse you can go for a diploma, associate degree or bachelor’s degree in the field of nursing. After this nurses have to pass NCL EX RN to enjoy the status of registered nurses. After the completion of this particular exam a nurse can further chose multiple fields to get associated with and pursue different kinds of education related to their career. This license gives them the ability to work in hospitals and clinics at better rates and salaries.

• How Much Usually A Registered Nurse Earns?

As the term registered nurses is really wide therefore the salaries of these nurses vary on different bases. The registered nurses earn from $45,000 to $75,000/- per year depending upon different traits and qualities. These salaries may vary on the basis of location, hospital or clinics and level of experience and education.

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