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Rehabilitation Nurse

Those nurses who provide health care services to patients suffering from debilitation of injuries and diseases are known as rehabilitation nurses. These nurses can be found working in hospitals, clinics and rehabilitations centers. In certain cases these nurses also work in health care facilitation centers which are operated from residents. These nurses provide services related to cleaning up of injuries, acting as a bridge between patient and doctors, providing administrative support and performing multiple other tasks for patients. These nurses need to be very focused and attentive in terms of taking care of patients and providing them with complete care.

• Required Level of Education for Rehabilitation Nurse:

Rehabilitation centers are opening at a faster pace these days this is the reason why most of the individuals are planning to get associated with the profession of registered nurses. For those individuals who want to get associated with the field of registered nurses, they first need to complete their ASN or preferably BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) and then enroll for NCL EX RN to get the license of registered nurse. After that a nurse can practice in hospitals and clinics and then pass the examination related to rehabilitation nursing. This certification helps a nurse to get a nice job in a reputed and esteemed organization.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Rehabilitation Nurse:

A rehabilitation nurse’s job is demanding and she works with multiple people including doctors, patients, medical support teams and family members of the patients. In this profession nurses tend to earn approximately $49,000 to $53,000/- a year. The salaries and facilities may vary on the basis of the level of experience and education along with the choice of hospitals to work with.

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