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Reproductive Nurse

Those nurses which provide complete assistance, guidance and medical care during the process of reproduction are known as reproductive nurses. Their job is to give essential information to women going through reproductive process. They also brief the patients about the rapid changes that occur in their bodies during the reproductive process. The job is very demanding and needs great skills to let patients feel relaxed and comfortable during the process. There are many clinics and hospitals that require the services of a good and experienced reproductive nurse on usual bases. There are many nurses who live a better and nice career oriented lives.

• Required Level of Education for Reproductive Nurse:

If you want to become a reproductive nurse, first you will have to get your ASN i.e. Associate of Science in Nursing or BSN i.e. Bachelors of Science in Nursing then pass your National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCL-EX RN). After that it is advisable to practice for some years approximately 1 – 2 years and then obtain the certificate from NOCA (National Organization for Competency Assurance). By this way you can become a reproductive nurse and can join any prestigious and well reputed hospital or clinic. There are other training programs as well that are offered online these days, it is up to the individual to select the training program as per his/her convenience and requirements.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Reproductive Nurse:

The population is growing at an exponential rate these days. It is expected that in future there will be a strong need of reproductive nurses in clinics and hospitals to take care of the patients. The salaries and perks offered to these nurses are well-paid and rewarding. According to a survey conducted in the year 2009 it was estimated that the median salary of a reproductive nurse was $55,000/- per year. Apart from the good salary packages they also have the growth in their career as most of the reproductive nurses later join the field of research which is much more lucrative and rewarding.

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