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Rheumatology Nurse

There are many patients who suffer from problems related to arthritis, soft tissues, auto immune diseases and joints etc. Those nurses who provide medical help and assistance to such patients suffering from rheumatology are known as rheumatology nurses. The demand of these nurses is increasing with the passage of time hence it is very essential for those individuals who want to start their career as rheumatology nurses. The skills required by the nurses include, accurate judgment and complete study of the patient. They must also have good communication skills to share the knowledge with the patients and make them completely aware of their state.

• Required Level of Education for Rheumatology Nurse:

There are many individuals who want to become rheumatology nurses. It is not a difficult process actually. First of all a person has to complete his or her Bachelors or Associate program and then appear for the NCL EX RN so as to get the license to practice nursing. There are many clinics and hospitals that provide detailed training to the nurses as there is no such body which provides the certification of training to nurses to become rheumatology nurses. Later these nurses can practice in the same hospitals as well as they can switch to other hospitals on the basis of better perks and remunerations.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Rheumatology Nurse:

It is expected that in future the need of rheumatology nurses will grow because of the problems and diseases faced by individuals from different age groups and different genders. This particular field of nursing is good for those who want to earn good and also want to experience diverse range of patients. According to a survey the median salary of a rheumatology nurse is $46,000 – $52,000/- per year. The salary varies on the basis of hospital, experience and qualification of the nurse.

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