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School Nurse

Students are considered as assets of any nation. Students require health care and different kinds of developments (human development, self management and confidence). There are many nurses who provide complete assistance to the students in schools, colleges and universities. These nurses are known as school nurses. They help the students to share their problems so that they can help them in every possible way and let them face the environment. Their aim is to let a student enjoy academic success as well as achieve all targeted goals. These nurses provide great care and attention to the students to make them better individuals in terms of health, safety and discipline.

• Required Level of Education for School Nurse:

First things first, an individual have to first become a registered nurse. In United States there are many schools which prefer to appoint BSN, i.e. a nurse with a bachelor’s degree. Before getting a job in any school one must have to complete this degree. After that a nurse must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. After passing this exam a nurse can practice. It is beneficial for a better career if a nurse spends 1 – 2 years on practicing and then applies for any school or college. By this way it will be easier for a school nurse to get selected by the school.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for School Nurse:

As mentioned above the role of school nurses is very important. There are many individuals who respect school nurses for what they do for living. According to a research a school nurse can earn from $43,000 to $46,000/- per year. This median salary may vary on the basis of experience, schools or colleges. But on the whole a school nurse lives a good life both professionally as well as personally.

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