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Substance Abuse Nurse

Substance abuse relates to when a person gets addicted to any substance to change or alter his or her mood. This addiction can be of alcohol or tranquilizers etc. The range is huge. According to a survey one out of 10 individuals living in United States is facing substance abuse. Nurses who deal with patients facing substance abuse and provide them guidance, assistance and treatment are known as substance abuse nurses. There are many rehabilitation centers which require the services of substance abuse nurses. The demand of these nurses is expected to grow within few years’ time. Many of the individuals are getting dependant on different things which as a result will increase the number of patients in future.

• Required Level of Education for Substance Abuse Nurse:

There are many individuals who want to become substance abuse nurses because the basic traits that a substance abuse nurse must have include politeness, patience, sympathetic and kind. First of all a person must get his or her ASN. It is advised to complete a bachelors program (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) to have a better future perspective. Later it is essential to pass the BCL-EX RN examination. After that most of the professionals advise to complete an extensive working exposure of 1 – 2 years so as to gain confidence, professional approach and practical knowledge. Then one can enroll in any program that offers complete and detailed knowledge about the substance abuse nursing. Nurses can also go for courses that deal with psychology so as to get a better understanding of the patients mental level.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Substance Abuse Nurse:

The job of a substance abuse nurse is demanding and this is the reason why in United States the median salary of a substance nurse is $45,000 – $53,000/- (salaries may vary on the basis of state, experience, hospitals and educational background). There are many nurses who later added qualification in their career and got better opportunities to uplift their professional career.

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