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Surgical Nurse

A nurse who provides medical care before, during and after the surgery of a patient is known as surgical nurse. Surgical patients are all those patients who suffer from minor to major surgeries. The job description of a surgical nurse is not a routine based. It is a demanding job and every patient needs completely different care as compared to other – no matter if the surgery is same. These nurses provide care to multiple patients who get treatment for surgical oncology, vascular and general surgery etc. Along with the surgical nurse, in a surgical process, surgeon, anesthesiologist and technicians are present to take care of the patient.

• Required Level of Education for Surgical Nurse:

If you dream to become a surgical nurse, you first have to complete your Associate Degree (ASN) or Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), after that you will have to pass your National Council Licensure Examination (NCL EX-RN). It is advised to gain some experience in the field of nursing then select Specialized Perioperative Program to enjoy a better future opportunities. This is a complete route to become a surgical nurse and work for a reputable organization, where any individual can earn a better career and life.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Surgical Nurse:

Surgical nurses are of vital importance because of the fact that not every nurse can handle a patient after surgery. On the contrary providing care to a patient before and during the surgery it is also not an easy task. Therefore, the salaries of surgical nurses are high. They can easily earn from $75,000 to $82,000/- per year (depending upon the hospital or clinic for which they work). For those who are focused and serious with their careers the field of surgical nursing is very suitable and includes good perks and remunerations.

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