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Toxicology Nurse

TA nurse who works in poison control center or toxic control center is known as toxicology nurse. A toxicology nurse is responsible for numerous things. For instance she has to first gather all the relevant information that is essential for her to provide aid to the patient. She can inquire about the quantity of the poisonous material consumed. Moreover she also gathers information regarding the age, height and health conditions of the individual who has consumed the poison. If you want to become a good toxicology nurse you must know how to keep your cool and provide good advice to the patient in the time of pressure, stress and trouble shooting.

• Required Level of Education for Toxicology Nurse:

For becoming a toxicology nurse a nurse have to complete CSPI certification. CSPI stands for Certified Specialists in Poison Information. After every 7 years a nurse have to clear the certification again. There are many poison control centers that provide trainings to the nurses. The trainings can be 3 to 12 months long. Those nurses who have the experience in the field of intensive or emergency care nursing are given first preference.

• Salaries and Career Prospects for Toxicology Nurse:

There are many nurses who are enjoying great perks and salaries in this particular field. This field pays off great but it also needs a lot of hard work, dedication and presence of mind. Many toxicology nurses excel in this field because of the fact that they can understand the situation and act according to the required need. They prefer to stick to this field because as per a survey toxicology nurses earn up to $ 49000 to $ 58000/-. The salaries differ on the basis of experience, education and hospital’s policies etc.

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