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Transplant Nurse

These days there are many individuals who are interested in donate their organs to others. Moreover, there are also many patients who need organs so that they can survive. Those nurses who facilitate patients and donors in transfer of organs are known as transplant nurses. They have to work closely with donors and patients in order to keep things proper. Transplant can include organs like, lungs, hearts, bone marrow, kidney or other tissues. They are responsible for taking medical histories of the patients along with clearing patients and donors for surgery. Last but not the least they also examine patient’s vital signs after the completion of the surgery.

• Required Level of Education for Transplant Nurse:

For those people who want to get associated with the field of transplant nurse they first need to complete their ASN (i.e. Associate of Science in Nursing) or BSN (i.e. Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and then pass the National Council Licensure Exam (NCL EX-RN). After gaining some experience they must also appear for the certification of Transplant nurse so that they can become certified Clinical Transplant Nurses.


• Salaries and Career Prospects for Transplant Nurse:

Nowadays there are many nurses who want to upgrade their career and become transplant nurses. These days the need of transplant nurses is high and in future it is expected to grow at a faster rate. As per a recent survey it is concluded by researchers that a transplant nurse can easily earn up to $45,000 – $62,000/- per year. There are so many perks and benefits of becoming a transplant nurse as well. All those individuals who want to become certified transplant nurses must take this profession seriously. There is a definite need of these nurses in hospitals, clinics and facilitation centers.

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